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We've designed some of our most popular leadership, management and personal development training courses, which can be bought as stand-alone products or used alongside a bespoke training solution.

Each has been developed with our 20 years of experience and worldwide research. You can find out more about each below, or contact us to discover the possibilities.

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Mindful Manager

Brings into focus the 'whole person', providing people with the tools and techniques to take a self-solve approach that results in greater happiness and increased personal productivity whilst creating the right environment for their teams to bring their whole selves to work.
2 Day Programme


Leadership Essentials

Designed to help the transition for people moving from team member to team leader, and how to solve the issue of employees not being ‘taught’ how to be a role model leader before they start their first leadership role.

2 Day Programme


Create an Inclusive and Supportive Workplace

Focuses on the important role that an advocate for inclusion can have on the world around them and how inclusive workplaces have people who support each other with empathy and kindness when lives are changed by health challenges or crisis.
1 Day Course



Does more than increase awareness of bias and its impact. It focuses on individual endeavour and helps participants develop an understanding of how the unique unconscious biases we hold about ourselves influence how we behave with others.
½ Day Session