Meet our founder, Nicola Fowler

Where it all began…

Maze Training was born from the belief that everyone should be supported and developed to realise their full potential.

From an early age, I adopted my parents' values of hard work, fairness, and kindness.

As a teenager, I juggled multiple part-time jobs, eventually landing my first full-time job in property by expressing my desire to excel in that role. Although I was only 16, I told the owner I aspired to have their job!

Like many other people, I have faced challenges and setbacks throughout my career but have always stayed true to myself, my goals, and my values. Having enjoyed various leadership roles, I discovered my passion was helping people achieve happiness and fulfilment by uncovering and realising their goals and aspirations.

Witnessing someone's potential unfold brings me immense satisfaction.

And so, in 2002, Maze Training was born.

My conviction in the effectiveness of Maze Training has grown year on year.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing people gain the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and raise their bar with our supportive approach and amaze themselves and others in the process.

Utilising my innate personal ability to connect with people meaningfully, appreciating their differences, and understanding their different emotions, behaviours, and mindset forms the foundation of our inclusive training ethos.

I firmly believe in the multiple life benefits of continuous growth and personal development and its potential to positively impact every one of us in our own unique way.


Looking to the future

Allowing us to connect, develop and inspire even more people worldwide.

The global pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to all sectors, disrupting how we work and connect. We all had to learn, adapt, and flex.

As we embraced remote working, we faced the reality that our in-person training courses were no longer feasible. However, we saw this as an opportunity to evolve and grow.

With unwavering determination, we set out to ensure that our virtual training would uphold the same high standards we hold for our face-to-face courses and programmes. We understood that more than simply transferring our existing leadership and management training online, virtual delivery required a fresh approach, presenting us with unique challenges.

We refused to compromise, working tirelessly to create virtual training that empowered individuals to amaze themselves and evolve, just as we have done in our in-person training for the past two decades.

Our virtual delivery option seamlessly complements our original in-person training.

Now, our customers can choose the delivery method that works best for their culture, whether face-to-face training, virtual training, or hybrid training – a combination of both. Allowing us to connect, develop and inspire even more people worldwide.


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