What makes us different to other training providers?

DEDICATED to creating impactful experiences that foster growth, ignite passion, and inspire individuals to reach new heights of success

Our approach to learning and development is not arbitrary or based on conventional methods.

There's a strong ethos underpinning everything we do based on extensive research and a lifetime of experience.

We're dedicated to creating impactful experiences that foster growth, ignite passion, and inspire individuals to reach new heights of success in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world and moving forward into the future.

From your initial enquiry through the entire process of working with us, we'll treat you and your organisation as unique. You'll never be just another client to us.

We want to get to know you.

Understanding and gaining clarity on how you and your colleagues work, and what makes you tick will create the space and capacity needed for sustainable personal growth and leadership development.

We want to get to know you.

We work locally and globally, delivering face-to-face or virtual learning solutions throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and North America.

To help us do this, we run 'Inclusion Circles' or 'Listening Circles' at the outset of working together.

In these sessions, we work with your teams and their managers to identify real-time issues and development gaps, as well as determine where they feel they will receive the most effective support.

As outsiders and trusted partners to your organisation, people often open up to us in ways they might not do to an internal auditor.

We analyse in depth the data collected and ensure complete anonymity of the contributions made to ensure we have a trusted relationship and partnership at the outset. We share our findings and recommendations so that your team know they have been heard and ensuring you're targeting the topic that will return crucial results.


Flexible training solutions

The possibilities are almost endless!

We know time and budget are finite and precious in every ambitious organisation; therefore, we work with you to plan a training solution that works for you and your people.

Each is designed to result in maximum engagement and bring about positive, sustainable change, effectiveness, and lasting results, in a way that works best for your organisation and your people.

The possibilities are almost endless! As well as offering face-to-face and virtual training, we can offer a mixture of the two to create hybrid learning and development solutions.

The learning can be any mixture of espresso-style 90-minute sessions, half or full- days and even whole team or function events.

With such diverse options, we understand that choosing the right path for your unique needs can be daunting. That's why our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, helping you select the perfect combination of learning experiences tailored specifically to your organisation's needs.


We've funnelled all of our expertise into our unique Maze© methodology.

Maze© is a holistic method designed to help you establish a clear pathway to your desired results. By providing a clear view of the learning solution that will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, we can simplify the various mazes you're faced with on your learning and development project.


Establish a clear pathway to your desired results.

The Maze© is remembered using the acronym MOZAIC.

This conveniently reminds us that life is like a mosaic comprised of many fragments. And the same can be said of workplaces and organisations, which is why we consider all the individual parts when addressing your challenges and nurturing evolution.

As such, we consider learning objectives and styles, futureproofing, upskilling, reskilling, time constraints, professional and personal responsibilities, and motivations, among other things, when working with you and your organisation.

MOZAIC stands for:

  • cropped-MAZE-icon-black.png


    clarity on your why. Why this? Why now?

  • MAZE-icon-black


    what gap do we need to bridge, and what change needs to happen?

  • MAZE-icon-black


    is about your people

    • ZEST – how ready and energised are they now, and where do they need to be?
    • EMPOWERMENT – what are their levels of autonomy to make better choices?
    • BELIEF – where are your peoples' levels of belief currently? Do they already have a growth mindset?
    • ROLE MODEL – how will they role model and become organisational allies sharing what they learn with others moving forward? How can we make this happen?
    • ACTION – how do we know they will act and create better new habits?


  • MAZE-icon-black


    what are their current levels of accountability

  • MAZE-icon-black


    how creative can we be to elicit the best life-changing response

  • MAZE-icon-black


    what's the clarity of your reality? How will the learning be supported to ensure sustainability?

Find out about the training solutions that we offer here or get in touch to book a no‑obligation call to see what amazing training could do for your organisation.