Self Coaching – Learn How To Coach Yourself To Success

Whilst some people enjoy the luxury and benefits of a coach, many more people do not, Maze places great importance in the need for questioning to gain absolute clarity and therefore self-coaching questions are used at every opportunity.

Paradoxically to enable you to ‘speed up’ you need to ‘slow down’ assess yourself for what you are and gain personal clarity through self-coaching questions as to how your habitual ways of working could be getting you in your own way, impairing and de-energising you.

Self-Coaching resolves the ‘what do I do’, ‘what do I do first’, ‘I haven’t got time’, why is this important to me, why is it important now, the questions allow you to gain absolute clarity on the reality.

What is more…

  • It’s free!
  • It’s instant – you can let the process be as fast as you want it to be
  • Increases your awareness of your own strengths and abilities
  • Allows you to take charge of your challenges, problems and maintain control of your own success
  • It builds your self-awareness and self-reflections helping to free yourself up when you get stuck
  • Empowers you and increases your self-confidence and accountability
  • Re-ignites your motivation
  • You become your very own ‘go to’ person
  • Boosts your creativity and problems solving
  • Becomes your response when faced with challenges and barriers
  • Gets you out of your own way
Self Coaching

The Maze Achievement Programme includes how to write your own Self-Coaching questions.

All Maze courses come with a Self-Coaching Summary – a way for you to Self-Coach yourself following any of our courses and programmes.

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