Nicola Fowler on Maze

Our vision when setting up Maze in 2003 was to create a business that provides current, relevant and practical learning solutions, solutions that make what matters happen for those attending and the companies they are a part of. After all offering anything else would have been a compromise and therefore provide little or no ongoing value for our customers.

From the outset we were in the business of understanding people and the change that needed to happen, and the small changes we have made with people were the ones that made a huge impact, reduced stress and changed things for the better. We believe it’s the only way forward and our results speak for themselves.

We have never been afraid to measure what we do and find it hard to understand why others don’t as ‘what difference did the training make’ is a well-known industry conundrum. We use mazeROI© to put a value on what we do, I admit it may not be 20:20 vision however it benchmarks the changes that result from our design and delivery

So how do we succeed where others may fail? We take a 4D approach to each of our projects because it helps us to increase the productivity of your team and the profitability of your business. Our fours steps are Discover, Design, Deliver and Destination.

We DISCOVER Your Issues

By gaining absolute clarity on your reality – we establish what your key objectives are; which learning outcomes you want to achieve; what really matters within your business; what’s driving your initiative and where your team needs training and development most. Our focus is to create amazing results for you and your team and to achieve this we need to understand where you are now and where you want to be – we won’t apologise for the amount of questions we ask!

We DESIGN Partnership Solutions

We find when a business has issues; it is how they choose to deal with them that will make a difference. Maze designs a solution for you by taking everything we have discovered in the first step, combining it with our in-depth knowledge of how people learn along with the well-established leadership and management skill sets. Our solutions are not one size fits all; we design a bespoke solution for you, your team and your business. This could be a course, programme, event, workshop or even a 90-minute espresso session – whichever it is it will be right for you. We use your language, values and culture to shape the content, having already discovered what needs to change and why. This means we can be the catalyst for change and achieve the greatest return on your team’s investment.

We DELIVER In The Most Effective Way

In a way that gives your team the best opportunity to experience amazing results; we consider the expertise of our highly experienced team, matching our people to yours so that they develop a connection with your team and their challenges. Although we are the ones delivering, it is all about you; doing what is right for you is always at the forefront of our minds.

Some of the recent comments people have made about our delivery style are…

  • Excellent trainer – insightful and gave great support
  • Brilliant course, powerful and very engaging
  • Trainer – absolutely fantastic!
  • Fun, engaging, well structured
  • Informative, engaging and interactive
  • Excellent and very practical
  • Straight to the point
  • Highly interactive and fast moving
  • A challenging course – be prepared to challenge and be challenged
  • Very useful, great insight, great examples
  • Work-life changing

The Last Step Is DESTINATION – Where You Want To Go

Your destination is achieving your desired learning outcomes by changing and enhancing your team’s skills and behaviours in a sustainable way. This could involve us helping you to embed new ways of working using delegate self-coaching and manager support and in doing so maximising the return for your investment and at the same time discovering further ways of supporting these changes.

If you want to experience amazing results for your teams and business you are in the right place and I am always happy to have a catch up call or meeting to explore how we can increase the productivity of your people and the profitability of your business.

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