How To Deal With Challenging People And Situations

There are those people in an organisation who create challenging situations, we look at it two ways there are the ‘Incidents’ that happen without warning and therefore there is little time or no time to prepare, it is like the impact of a large stone hitting the water… it instantly impacts on those who surround it!

Then there is the Incremental conflict that builds up over time. Its causes are little and often… the small things that, left unmanaged, develop into a larger problem… it is seen as a slow but constantly dripping tap!

The conflict created is very much about the incidents or the incremental… a Splash or a Drip!!!

This one day course will help your people to interpret other people’s behaviour and tailor their responses in order to resolve difficult situations whilst maintaining the relationship.

By The End Of The Day They Will:

  • Understand the different styles of approach needed when approaching conflict.
  • Maintain positive relationships that have previously been perceived as difficult.
  • Adopt proactive and reactive feedback strategies to encourage others to really listen.
  • Deal effectively with those identified as a ‘game player’ to avoid engaging into their games.


Exploring their own style when approaching difficult situations and the personal impact and contribution they have to the situation.

Understanding Conflict Behaviour

Identifying the different styles of conflict and how to approach them both proactively and reactively.

The Games People Play

How to avoid getting sucked in and manipulated by someone who chooses to ‘play games’.

Challenging Personalities

Understanding how to maintain positive working relationships with those who they may have viewed as difficult.

Giving Feedback To Difficult People

Giving challenging people valuable feedback so that they listen and understand the impact of their behaviour on others.

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How to deal with challenging people