Advanced Coaching

This one day course is interactive with many opportunities to practice, however it is challenging and designed for those who have coached before. It allows those being coached to take control of their development, issues and challenges in a way that will engender greater satisfaction from you their coach, having been a part of it rather than instructed them in what to do from your perspective.

They will be introduced to tools that will take their coaching to the next level, where they will become a more confident and intuitive coach when faced with challenging situations.

By The End Of The Day They Will Be:

  • Developing successful strategies to deal with challenging behaviours
  • Ensuring the ownership if the issue remains with those they are coaching
  • Confidently dealing with the avoidance of an issue or cynicism

Examining Their Current Style Of Coaching?

Exploring the strengths of their current coaching style and how they can advance their effectiveness when faced with challenging situations.

Understanding The Patterns That Occur When Coaching

Understanding the coaching continuum and how this will allow them to flex their style depending on the needs of the other person.

Avoiding Becoming The Owner Of The Problem?

Identifying when the ownership of the problem moves and how to avoid this happening.

Becoming A More Intuitive And Natural Coach

Achieving better outcomes by using NLP questioning techniques that will enable them to be a more versatile coach.

How To Develop Stronger Coaching Relationships

How to give them the maximum return for their investment whilst becoming a more flexible coach.

Overcoming Challenging Situations

Creating effective strategies to overcome avoidance of issues and cynicism by those they are coaching.

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Advanced coaching