Why your organisation really needs a Maze Achievement Programme© now

Why your organisation really needs a Maze Achievement Programme©
In a world where achieving more with less is the new norm, where research says that increasing numbers of people are feeling disengaged and there is that rapid and incoherent change of ‘always on’ communications there has never been more pressure on employees.

An average of 13.1 million days are lost per year to stress, an average of 4.5 days per worker with sickness and absenteeism, according to a PWC Report, it is costing UK businesses £32 billion a year with an average salary of £25,000.

“If nothing changes,
  nothing changes”

Courtney C. Stevens

Maze Achievement Programme 2019
This overlaid by the relentless economic pressure, rapid and often incoherent change and macro-economic uncertainties, you may ask yourself, why is it that some people still achieve consistently under pressure and the majority don’t?

We have witnessed that and so much of this is borne out of the reality of the negative consequences of today’s workplace and when something really matters to someone in the moment of choice they make it happen! This is down to their alignment flow, the synergy through the four Alignment elements; Taskstyle, Motivation, Clarity and Energy and the consciousness as to what and why they are completing tasks. As a result they sustainably accelerate their achievements, enjoy greater job satisfaction and levels of happiness.