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Nicola Fowler

Managing Director at Maze Training helping others Experience Amazing Results
Leicester, United Kingdom | Professional Training

Very often this type of summary is used to help people find a new role; that is not the case for me as I believe I have the perfect one. It is one that challenges me, draws on my past experiences and uses my expertise to help others realise their aspirations. In fact, I get paid to do something I really enjoy doing and I feel lucky this is the case.

On a daily basis I am challenged to find solutions for people; it’s invigorating. I know the business I have helped to build is truly authentic; we always do what is right for our customers helping them to grow time and focus on other things they also need to achieve.

I always make time for people and do so with a smile on my face. I am happy to offer an opinion and advice where it is needed; it’s good to share and we all grow as a result!

People often say I help them by taking projects off their desks that they have not got time for however they don’t see this as failure on their part; they see it as giving it to the person who will really makes a difference for them in a way that is sustainable.

I am proud to say I walk the walk and talk the talk and love every minute of it.

Managing Director (2002 – Present)

I cannot remember the last time one day replicated the last, what I do know is when using my past experience, it allows me to offer sound advice and solutions.

My vast knowledge of managing and leading people has been gained through personal experience which I then use to help others. With me it is not about Maze delivering a wonderful theory; it’s about making sure people can use the theory to maximise the return on both time and money invested. We make it current, relevant and practical.

I thrive on creativity and Maze gives me the opportunity to be dynamic, innovative and fulfil my lifelong ambition of helping others realise their aspirations along with what they are capable of too.

To summarise what I do; I coach, mentor, inspire the design and delivery of amazing learning solutions using The Maze© and ZEBRA©. I know this is intriguing and would be happy to tell you more. All you have to do is ask!

Ultimately I am a catalyst to helping other people achieve amazing results – how many people can say that!

Owner (2002 – Present)

I am one of the lucky one’s I own a business with one of my best friends, Fred Wilson. Someone who has the same drive and determination as me, I feel very privileged.