Introduction to Everyday Coaching Course

Trying to achieve more with less resource?

Wanting to have more quality conversations with others?

Need others to develop yet little time to do it?

Coaching is a way of developing the skills of others, having more valuable and collaborative conversations, engages others in decision making and as a result saves you time, it’s the reason the most successful managers and leaders adopt a coaching style.

This one day course will help your team to get things done and avoid taking a tell approach when working with others. Designed for those with little or no coaching experience and it is practical and applicable for those wanting to improve their overall communication.

Coaching course

By the end of the day you will be able to:

  • Decide which coaching style is most applicable to a variety of conversations
  • Make your communications with others more valuable to both parties
  • Adopt coaching as your everyday management and leadership
  • Save yourself time and money
  • Increase your own productivity

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Identifying the day to day opportunities to use coaching as a way of achieving more successful outcomes.
Understanding the cost and impact of not adopting coaching as a part of your conversations with others.
How to grow and develop your team by adopting a variety of coaching styles.
Using tried and tested techniques to keep the other person on track whilst developing more open, honest and collaborative approach.
Adding value to the proactive or reactive feedback you give to others.
Receiving feedback from an experienced coach whilst practising coaching in a variety of different and realistic coaching situations.