ZEBRA© (Zest, Empowerment, Belief, Role Model, Action)

The 5 stage people centric phase of The Maze© (see Maze© The) ZEBRA is an acronym that represents your current state or the state of the team you are or will be working with. Zest (Z) is the level of readiness and energy, Empowerment (E) is the feeling of autonomy, Belief (B) is the level of self belief, Role Model (R) is being the best you can be, demonstrating the highest level of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. Action (A) is your ability to take action now.


The first part of the 5 stage ZEBRA© people centric integral phase of The Maze© (see Maze© The), refers to the level of readiness and energy a person/people have in order to achieve the desired change/objective.