Something a person focuses their efforts and actions on to achieve or accomplish for example a specific goal or target they wish to achieve through a series of goals and tasks.

On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

Formal training for learning new skills and knowledge needed to perform a job, this training takes place in the actual work place ‘on the job’ this is often delivered by a manager or peer and more often than not on a one to one basis.

One-to-Many Training

Training/learning delivered to more than one delegate/learner in workshop, group or classroom format (group training).

One-to-One Training

Training/learning that is delivered to only one participant/learner at a time e.g. mentoring.


This practical model outlines a four point decision loop that supports quick, effective and proactive decision making.

  • Observe – collect current information,
  • Orient – analyse the information you have and update your current reality,
  • Decide – what will be your course of action,
  • Act – follow through on your decision.

With this approach the faster you can move through the phases the better and when you have acted you can repeat the loop by observing the results of your actions etc.

Overt Behaviour

Behaviour that can easily be observed by others.