M-Learning (Mobile Learning)

The process of e-learning through a mobile device, such as an mp3 player (iPod), smart phone portable computer, or iPad. As the title says it is mobile learning and as such needs no fixed or predetermined location.


The overall function of a manager to organise develop and work with others to achieve common goals and objectives

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

A theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943 in his paper on ‘Theory of Human motivation’ it describes the way in which humans’ basic needs are supplanted by ‘higher needs’ once they have been satisfied. The four ‘lower needs’ are grouped under the term ‘deficiency needs’ and include physiological (e.g. eating, drinking, breathing etc), safety (e.g. physical security, employment, health etc), love and belonging (e.g. friendship and family), and esteem (e.g. respect, self-respect etc) needs. The ‘higher needs’ are also known as ‘growth needs’ and include self-actualisation (i.e. to strive to achieve) and self-transition (i.e. spiritual needs).

Maze Teamdynamix©

A high performance teams model used by Maze to align unique organisational competencies and values to drive and deliver high performance within teams.