Bespoke Training – You Deliver

Maze recognises that a part of your role maybe to deliver some of the training within your organisation, however we also appreciate that when you are under time pressure that the design can get in the way, that is where we come in, designing training that you can deliver, this is how we do it:

1. Clarity Fact Find Gaining an understanding of your issues and needs

Conducting a fact find session to understand your current needs and how this training will support the learning of your people.

2. Diagnostic Maze considering the most effective option for you

Considering all aspects of the fact find to design you a course or programme that will deliver the desired results.

3. Outline Delivering our recommendations

Sharing our proposal of the outline and objectives and how we will design the materials.

4. Design Designed to be current, relevant and practical to apply in the workplace

Including easy to use training materials and facilitator notes explaining how to deliver practical exercise sessions.

5. DeliveryBriefing or Train the Trainer – It is your choice

Briefing session or train the trainer allowing consistency and confidence in delivery.

6. Support Our commitment to you

Being on hand to answer your questions by email or telephone.

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You Deliver


Take a look at what people who have worked with us have had to say about our bespoke training design:

  • “Materials were excellent as well as method – trainer was great, a really good listener”
  • “Frameworks and exercises really helpful – notes complement the materials really well, good structure to the programme”
  • “Trainer created a relaxed atmosphere, provided constructive feedback and set the energy level and pace”
  • “Great programme which the company definitely needed and will be very valuable”
  • “Many, many thanks! Loved all of it!”
  • “Highly engaging, well-structured and intensive”
  • “Trainer gave very good, detailed and inspiring feedback, provided great explanations and tips!”