First Time Manager Programme

When your people are faced with the first role of management it can be a daunting task and how to understand the motivation of others, learn to effectively delegate, deal with difficult people, develop others using more effective communication and deliver feedback so that people listen and change is essential to their success and credibility as a manager.

This two day programme is designed for those who are just entering into management or those who are currently not achieving the most from their team. It is highly practical and will give the tools and techniques to help develop and maintain a strong individual and team relationship in a way that allows them to embrace fully their role as a manager.

By The End Of The Day They Will:

  • Understand the impact their behaviour both positively and negatively has on others
  • Help others to become more motivated in what they do
  • Delegate in a way that develops their talent and gets more done through others
  • Develop and support their team in order for them to become more effective as one
  • Face into conflict in a more confident way so as to maintain those relationships that are challenging
  • Use coaching on a day to day basis in order to have more meaningful conversations

Day 1

What’s Their Style?

Exploring how they can influence the communication landscape by flexing their management and communication styles to build and maintain strong relationships with the people they manage.

How’s Their Driving?

Uncovering what really drives the way they interact with others through a perfect blend of personal awareness assessments and activities, where they will develop a greater understanding of their impact on others.

What Is The Why Behind The What?

Discovering the fundamental principles of motivation that can be adapted to help them understand and motivate others and also gain more clarity on what really moves them as a leader.

Who Can Help?

Learning how to take delegation beyond task allocation and into ‘developing talent’, by embracing a new mindset that will help them to manage their talent pipeline and get more done through others.

Where Are They Heading?

Exploring the phases a team needs to navigate on its way to becoming high performing. They will gain understanding on how to identify where their team currently is and what they need to do to manage them to high performing.

How Confident Are They With Conflict?

By understanding the way they react when faced with conflict they can identify how this is contributing to the success (or not) of the situations or relationships they have.

Day 2

What Is Their Role In Growing Talent?

By adopting a flexible, individualised approach to developing their team they will learn how to put nurturing talent at the core of their leadership success.

How Meaningful Are Their Conversations?

Developing their feedback skills will enable them to create meaningful conversations about performance with their teams, changing less desirable outcomes, reinforcing and encouraging a stretch on positive outcomes.

To Coach Or Not To Coach?

Experiencing and embedding coaching as a day to day skill that will help them to create intuitive conversations that create positive and empowered behaviour change.

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First time manager programme