Making The Most Of Customer Relationships

People often fail to recognise that there are two groups of customers – the internal ones within your organisation and the external customers who are buying products or service from you, both groups are equally important in delivering and maintaining high levels of customer service and organisational profitability.

This one day highly practical and engaging course is designed for those who wish to improve the relationships they have with all of their customers in order to build levels of trust, commitment and repeat business.

By The End Of The Day They Will:

  • Develop stronger relationships with both internal and external customers
  • Understand and benchmarking what their levels of customer service are now and how they will mind the gap between what their customers expect
  • Flex their own style in how they deal with challenging situations to achieve better outcomes
  • Seek feedback from their customers in order to find opportunities for continuous improvement

Who Are Their Customers?

Exploring all of their customer groups, recognising their preferences and expectations and how what they want from the relationship impacts on you.

What Is Their Service Mind-Set?

Mind-set is what they think, their behaviours and attitude, it’s the set of beliefs they work with every day, and they will explore how to bring these to life in how they develop their customer relationships.

What Will Be Their Service Standards And Promises?

Deciding what they will pledge to their own customers and where they can add value to the relationships they currently have.

How Will They Mind The Customer Service Gaps?

How can they build and develop more effective relationships by building trust and flexing their style when dealing with challenging situations in order to develop a longer term bond.

What Will They Do With The Feedback They Receive?

Using tried and tested techniques they will explore how they can seek performance feedback from their customers on their service standards, where they are being met and the opportunities to ensure continuous improvement.

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Making the most of customer relationships