Job Description

A formal statement of duties required to fulfil a job, these can include job purpose, main responsibilities (KRA’s/KPI’s), knowledge, skills and qualifications required.

Johari Window©

A technique developed and used by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in California in 1955 to help people improve self-awareness, mutual understanding and relationships between themselves and others. The model includes four ‘windows’ to represent the location of ideas and information available, within a group of people. Helps to develop a leader’s role through self awareness and by increasing the Public Window will deliver greater mutuality.

Information that is KNOWN or SHARED by all parties.
Clarity in what you want and what others want.

Information YOU know but OTHERS DO NOT.
Others cannot use information they do not have.

Blind Spot
Information OTHERS KNOW but YOU DO NOT.
Cannot address what you do not know.

Unknown opportunities.
Everyone is in the dark.