A book designed to include guidance information usually for technical or procedural processes that are defined.


A book containing the reference materials used during a training course or programme, often produced in a format that allows participants the opportunity to personalise with their own notes.


Is an emotional or mental state which is characterised by pleasant emotions that can range from contentment to euphoria.

Happy Sheet

A way of capturing the feelings of those who have attended a training event, this is more likely to capture subjective feedback (how does the individual feel about what they have learned) they are still used by a number of training providers however we would recommend they are used in conjunction with other more robust methods (see mazeROI©).

Hard Skills

The skills needed to perform where specific job requirements are set out and well defined in terms of actions to be taken and expected outcomes e.g. ‘how to’ tasks.

Hierarchical Task Analysis

Is one of the most common forms of Task Analysis in which steps taken to perform a task are analysed in the order in which they must be completed for the task to be achieved.

Human capital

The measured total of knowledge skills, attitudes and competencies of the employees within an organisation. It is capital owned by those individuals and ultimately if not captured if they leave you lose the Human Capital. It can however be renewed with a related cost.

Human Resources (HR)

A group of people within an organisation that oversee the organisation’s human resource this will include selection and recruitment, talent management, redundancy and disciplinary, diversity and in some cases learning and development.