A technique used to enhance the learning experience and improve its success, by drawing on the knowledge of participants and building upon this to fill in any gaps knowledge and skills gaps.


A person who leads a training event by delivering the appropriate and required theory and content by establishing through questioning what they already know, listening to their current level of understanding and providing suggestions, alternatives and resources and solutions.


Providing other people with feedback on their actions, attitude and behaviour in order for them to continue doing more of what is good, doing what they should be doing and changing what they are not doing correctly/effectively. There are a number of effective feedback models; a simple and highly effective one is EEC – Example, Effect, Change or Continue.

Fishbone Thinking

Based on the work of Dr Kaora Ishikawa it is a technique to identify the possible root causes or problems before considering the solutions. It has the advantage that it can be used with people who are involved in solving the problem, or it can be displayed in a public area where you can gather the views of people. Provides a rich source of information and helps to generate commitment from all levels within an organisation.

Flexible Working

An organisation’s opportunity to offer its employees a range of working options to allow them to structure their week in a non-traditional way, e.g. part-time working, variable hours/flexi-time, job sharing, working from home, etc.

Focus Group

A temporary group of people that are brought together to offer insight and opinion to a topic or issue to give a wider perspective, it is often used if an organisation is considering a form of change or a new initiative to give a wider perspective of issues or questions they will need to provide answers to.

Formal Learning

Not to be misunderstood as a formal way of learning happening, formal learning means that the person learning has their learning objectives set by the training department or organisation as appose to informal learning where the person sets their own learning objectives.